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Teach Kids to Play Team Handball


How to Play Team Handball

Whether Team Handball is played on a court, a field, or the beach, it's a fast-paced strenuous sport that kids will love. Olympic-style Team Handball is similar to soccer, but played on a court using hands rather than feet. The official court is slightly larger than a basketball court and the ball is slightly smaller than a soccer ball.

This type of handball is an old game with many variations, so you don't have to obsess about the equipment and court. To get started learning the game, mark off a court and goal in the backyard and play with any soft ball. Learn the set-up and rules for Team Handball or Beach Handball from the British Columbia Team Handball Federation.

The Canadian Team Handball Federation has a good resource for introducing kids to Team Handball. Go more in-depth with strategies and drills from the Danish Handball Coaching web site. Also, find an adaptation called Mini-Handball for children at International Handball Federation.

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