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Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids

Great ideas pretty Valentine decorations, cards, paper flowers, and more


Here are some great ideas for fun and easy Valentine crafts for kids. Grade-schoolers love making and sharing Valentines creations with friends and family. And what better way for kids to say "I love you" than with Valentine crafts that they lovingly created with their own hands? So try any of these fun Valentine crafts with your child; you'll find yourself having fun making and sharing them too!

1. Valentine Crafts for Kids - Heart Wreath

Valentine crafts for kids
Katherine Lee
This beautiful paper heart wreath is a perfect Valentine craft for kids. It's simple and fun to make, and your kids will be able to proudly hang it up around the house or share it with friends.

2. Easy, Pretty, and Budget-Friendly Valentine Cards for Kids

Valentine Cards
Katherine Lee
Need to make a bunch of Valentine cards for your child's entire class? These super-simple and pretty homemade Valentine cards are perfect because they are no-fuss, no-mess, and very budget-friendly. Plus, they're fun to make!


3. How to Make Pretty Valentine Treats Gift Wrap

Katherine Lee
With just some decorative paper or washi tape, you can transform ordinary candy bars and other Valentine treats into pretty Valentine gifts. It's so easy and budget-friendly, you and your child will want to make some for the whole class!


4. How to Make Colorful Hearts Cards

Katherine Lee
If you have a heart-shape paper punch and some colorful or patterned paper or washi tape, you can whip up some pretty heart-adorned Valentine's Day cards in no time! Kids will just love making these hearts and gluing them on to make pretty Valentine cards to share.


5. Homemade Valentine Cards - a Butterfly Valentine to Make with Kids

Homemade Valentine Cards
Katherine Lee
This cute butterfly card is a cinch to make, and your kids will absolutely love gluing on the hearts to decorate the wings. If you need to make a bunch for friends or your child's classmates, you can simply make several pieces and assemble them. Fun, adorable, and efficient!

6. Tissue Paper Flower Crafts for Kids

tissue paper flowers
Katherine Lee
You won't believe how easy these beautiful tissue paper flowers are to make. They are the perfect craft for kids for spring, Valentine's Day, or for any other occasion.

7. Vellum Heart Valentine Garland

Valentine garland
Katherine Lee
You'll love making--and showing off--this pretty, light-catching Valentine garland. Vellum paper makes the ideal material for a garland because it's translucent, and light shines through it in a gorgeous way. And you and your child will love how easy this project is, making it one of the ideal Valentine crafts for kids.

8. How to Make a Linking Hearts Valentine Chain

Katherine Lee
Kids will love making this easy linking hearts chain, and parents will love how easy and inexpensive it is to create. All you need is a cookie cutter, paper, scissors, and glue!


9. Handmade Vellum Flower Valentine Card

handmade vellum paper Valentine card
Katherine Lee
This elegant and beautiful handmade vellum paper Valentine card is so easy to make, you and your child may want to make several to share with friends and your child's classmates.

10. Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card

Katherine Lee

Create your own adorable pop-up Valentine's Day cards with these easy step-by-step instructions. Your grade-schooler will love making these Valentine's Day cards almost as much as he will enjoy sharing them with his friends and classmates.

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