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Spring Crafts

Your grade-schooler will love making these great spring-inspired crafts for kids


There’s something about springtime that inspires one to create fun and colorful creations out of spring crafts ideas. (Maybe it’s all that renewal and rebirth going on around us that stokes the creative soul.) Whether you’re enjoying some downtime during spring vacation or are looking for fun spring crafts to do with your kids on a weekend, check out these beautiful craft ideas for inspiration and instructions. Happy spring!

1. How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

how to make paper flowers
Katherine Lee
These crepe paper flowers are so beautiful, you and your kids will want to make several and share them or put them on display. Plus, crepe paper is as economical as it is lovely when formed into a flower. Win-win!

2. How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet

paper flowers
Katherine Lee
You can make a beautiful bouquet out of crepe paper and chenille stems and tape. It's simple and easy, but so much fun. And when you are done, your child will be proud to show off her lovely flowers!

3. A Gorgeous Paper Flower Wreath to Make with Kids

flower wreath
Katherine Lee
You'll be amazed at how easy this lovely wreath is to make. Just create a nice bouquet of crepe paper flowers, make a cardboard wreath base, and you and your child can decide how you want to arrange the flowers on your wreath and tape them on. This fun spring craft is as simple as it is beautiful.

4. A Beautiful and Easy Fabric Necklace

spring crafts
Katherine Lee
You will love how easy this fabric ribbon necklace is to make, and your kids will adore picking out the ribbons or fabrics and braiding them to create this spring craft. And when they are done, they can show off their creation with a fun spring outfit!

5. Washi Tape Butterflies

washi tape
Katherine Lee
These beautiful butterflies were so much fun to make. We used washi tape, a decorative masking tape from Japan that can be used to dress up almost anything from gifts to glass jars to even walls. These washi tape butterflies are so pretty, you and your child will want to put them everywhere to celebrate spring!

6. How to Make Washi Tape Cake Flags

washi tape ideas
Katherine Lee
Make these easy and pretty washi tape cake flags with your kids for your next party or celebration. These cake toppers are easy and fun to make with kids, and will be the perfect addition to any cake.

7. How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers - A Beautiful and Easy Craft for Kids

tissue paper flowers
Katherine Lee
These tissue paper flowers are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to make. Just take some tissue paper in pretty colors and flower stems and voila! Beautiful blossoms you can enjoy all spring or any time of the year. They are the perfect spring craft for kids!

8. Decorate Easter Eggs

Getty Images

Creating beautiful and adorable Easter eggs is often one of the top items on kids’ lists of favorite spring crafts. Here’s everything you’ll need to make beautiful Easter eggs with your kids, from tips on how to boil the perfect egg to how to make adorable creatures using Easter eggs.?

9. Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee
Whether it's making a cute and very easy Easter garland, Easter wreath, or gift bags and place cards for kids at an Easter party, you'll love making these Easter crafts with kids.

10. A Pretty and Very Easy Paper Chain Craft for Kids

Katherine Lee
When it comes to crafts for kids, there are few things that are more classic than paper chains. This small-size chain was made with pretty bright colors inspired by spring. Make several and hang them all around the house to brighten things up!


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