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Valentine's Games for Kids' Valentine's Day Parties

Fun Valentine's party game ideas kids are sure to love!


Need some Valentines games ideas for a Valentine's Day party at school or at home? Here are some great ideas for fun Valentines games for kids.

1. Catch My Heart Game

This is one of those Valentines games that don’t require much set up -- just some bean bags and some room for kids to move around. (They can also sit and catch the bean bags if you’re tight on space.) Best of all, this Valentine's party game gets kids moving, which is always a good idea for a winter party, when kids are less able to work off all that kid-energy outside.

2. Valentine's Day Storytelling

If you love kids' Valentines games that are not only super-fun, but an excellent way to exercise kids’ imaginations, you'll love this Valentine's Day party game. Kids work together to make up their own story Mad Libs-style, and will laugh at the silly tale they create at the end.

3. Active Valentine Games

Jumping rope, setting up relay races and playing games of bean bag toss are just some of the fun and active Valentine games kids can play. Not only will they have a ball, they'll get some exercise, too!

4. Valentine’s Day Matchmaker Game

Kids will have a ball as they try to guess the identity of their own character and then find their “mate.” Some ideas for couples from the world of kids’ movies and books include Shrek and Fiona, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Cinderella and Prince Charming. Fun!

5. Valentine’s Day Pictionary

Perfect for a Valentine party game at school or at home, this Valentine’s Day version of Pictionary involves having kids draw Valentine’s Day-themed ideas. Some examples of Valentine’s Day-themed ideas: Cupid’s arrow, a broken heart, or a box of chocolates. Your only challenge will be trying to keep order as kids get excited and compete to win this classic fun game.

6. Who Do You Love?

Here’s a great idea for a Valentine party game that’ll get everyone moving. This fun variation of musical chairs involves doing a bit of quick-thinking as players scramble to find seats when a category -- such as “everyone wearing pink” or “everyone who has a dog” -- is called out. Bonus: There are no winners or losers, and kids can play as long as they are having fun!
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