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Spook-tacular Treats - Fun Halloween Recipes for Kids

Ideas for frighteningly delicious Halloween dishes and snacks for kids


Looking for some yummy and ghoulishly fun recipes for Halloween treats for kids? Try these delicious spooky Halloween recipes for kids to snack on before and after trick-or-treating or to gobble up at a fun Halloween party.

1. Hauntingly Good Halloween Goodies


There are lots of great Halloween recipes for kids in this list of Halloween goodies from Diana Rattray, About.com’s Southern Food Guide. Black cat cookies, Halloween party mix, and wormy gelatin (ewww!) are just a few of the frighteningly fun Halloween recipes you’ll find here for your next Halloween celebration.

2. Quick and Easy Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Katherine Lee

Need to make a batch of Halloween cupcakes for a Halloween party at school or at home? Check out this quick and easy idea for spooky cupcakes you can make with your your child.

3. Your Complete Halloween Recipes Index


Looking for some fun and delicious Halloween recipes for kids? How about some blood-shot peanut butter eyeballs? Or a plateful of candy monsters? You’ll find countless ideas for Halloween treats in this comprehensive list of Halloween recipes from the guides at About.com.

4. Eek! A Mouse! (Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mouse, That Is)

Peggy Trowbridge Filippone

Add some thrills and chills to your festive Halloween table with a plateful of chocolate-covered cherry mice. This recipe from About.com’s Home Cooking Guide, Peggy Trowbridge Filippone comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions for making these so-creepy-they’re-almost-cute chocolate mice.

5. More Ghoulishly Great Halloween Recipes


Need some snacks, treats, and main dishes to have on hand for a Halloween party or before trick-or-treating on Halloween night? Try these other spooky-good Halloween recipes from About’s Guide to Home Cooking, which include Mystery Punch with Frozen Hand and Gnarled Witch’s Fingers, which are chicken fingers made to look like gnarled fingers. These yummy but spooky recipes are sure to delight the kids, and grownups too!

6. Spooky Pumpkin Soup

This delicious and easy-to-make pumpkin soup recipe by Jane Ziegelman of Kids Cook! in Brooklyn, New York, can be decorated with some sour cream thinned with a little milk to create a spooky spider web. The best part: Your kids will enjoy this yummy soup all the more when they know they helped make this delicious Halloween recipe.

7. Frightfully Fun Halloween Recipes for Kids

How about some Halloween toasted bats and a chicken salad pita monster sandwich to add some creepy fun accents to your Halloween table? Try these creative ideas for frighteningly fun Halloween dishes and treats from Denise Witmer, About.com’s Guide to Parenting Teens.

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