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How to Plan a Kids’ Christmas Party

School Christmas party ideas and tips for a kids Christmas party at home


Whether you’re hosting a kids Christmas party at home or helping to plan a kids Christmas party at school or church, here are some great ideas for Christmas games, Christmas treats and snacks, fun Christmas activities and crafts and more.

1. Christmas Games for Children

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Whether you're looking for school Christmas party ideas or tips for a great kids Christmas party at home, planning some great Christmas games is an essential part of any successful kids Christmas party. Here are some lists of classic and favorite Christmas games that are sure to be the hit of any kids Christmas party.

2. Christmas Treats and Snacks for Kids


The holidays mean yummy, festive treats for the whole family. Here are some great recipes for Christmas treats and snacks that are great for kids -- and adults, too! Plus, nut-free and gluten-free Christmas treat recipes for families that have members with food allergies and intolerances.

3. Christmas Cookie Decorating Fun

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An excellent activity that can be either a main focus of a Christmas party or just part of the fun is cookie decorating. Just make or buy some sugar cookies, get a few decorating bags and some icing and voila! You’ll have instant fun for kids, who will love decorating -- and devouring -- their beautiful creations.

4. Christmas Activities and Fun


The holidays are an excellent opportunity for kids to enjoy fun Christmas activities. Here are some great ideas for Christmas activities that can inspire kids' creativity, challenge them to think, and most of all, let them have fun!

5. Fun, Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids


Another great way to celebrate the holiday season is to decorate your home with festive Christmas crafts made by kids. Your kids will have fun making the crafts, and when they're done, they'll be proud to see what a contribution their creativity makes to the holiday decor!

6. Christmas Party Invitations and Christmas Greeting Card Design Ideas

You and your child can make your own fun, beautiful and original creations with these ideas for Christmas party invitations and Christmas greet cards you can make yourselves. Use them as inspiration to unleash the artist within!

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