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Spring Craft for Kids - Flower Wreath


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Spring Craft for Kids - Flower Wreath
flower wreath
Katherine Lee

This gorgeous flower wreath is surprisingly easy to make. (You'll need to set aside some extra time to make the crepe paper flowers, but they are super-fun to make with kids and you'll notice that it goes quicker as you do more.) Kids will love picking out the colors of crepe paper for the flowers and older kids will be able to help cut out the shapes and roll them onto the chenille stems. Younger children can help tape the flowers onto the wreath base.

It's hard to believe that a wreath this beautiful is made out of nothing but crepe paper, chenille flower stems, and some tape--all of which are readily available at party or craft stores. Best of all, these materials are super-inexpensive, which means you can make several and hang them around the house or share them with friends. It's the perfect spring craft, Easter craft, or a fun project for a birthday party or any occasion.

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