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How to Make Paper Flowers


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How to Make Paper Flowers out of Crepe Paper with Kids
how to make paper flowers
Katherine Lee

You'll be amazed at how easy these beautiful paper flowers are to make. Grownups will need to cut out the petal shapes for younger kids, but even younger school-age children will be able to help wrap and tape the flower petals around the stems. (Remember--it doesn't have to be perfect; that's the beauty making crafts with kids--they can add their own touches and have fun, whether or not the result is perfection.)

Crepe paper is also wonderful not only because it makes beautiful, textured petals but also because it's relatively inexpensive. Choose some colors with your child and get crafting! Making paper flowers is an easy, fast, and economical spring craft for kids, Valentine craft, or a fun project for a birthday party or anytime of the year when you want to brighten your day with some beautiful blossoms!

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