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How to Make Pop-Up Valentine's Cards

Create these easy, adorable pop up Valentine's cards for classmates and friends


Making your own Valentine's cards can be easy and lots of fun. Just follow these simple steps to create adorable pop-up Valentine's cards to share with friends, family, and even classmates.

If you're making several Valentine's cards to share with the whole class, simply create an assembly line. First, you and your grade-schooler can gather and prepare the materials. Then, you can assemble the Valentine's cards to create as many cards as you need. Have fun!

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Step 1: Assemble your supplies.Step 2: Cut a sheet of white paper in half. Step 3: Fold each piece of paper in half to form a card.Step 4: Make two center lines.
Step 5: Cut and fold along lines.Step 6: Open the card.Step 7: Cut out red hearts.Step 8: Glue on the two small hearts.
Step 9: Your hearts will now pop.Step 10: Glue on the big heart and write your cover message.Step 11: Write your Valentine's Day greeting inside the card.Step 12: Make several more to give out.
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