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Fun & Celebrations

Ideas for crafts, decorations, treats, and more to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions with kids and family.

Homemade Valentine Cards
Homemade Valentine cards are not only fun to make, but can save money when you are making a bunch to share with friends and classmates.

Valentine Cards for Kids - DIY Paper Punch Hearts and Flowers Cards
Easy, step-by-step instructions for how to make pretty, simple and inexpensive homemade Valentine Cards for Kids.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Ideas for Pretty Valentine Treats Gift Wrap
To make a Valentine gift more special, try making these DIY handmade Valentine treats gift wraps. This project is one of the easiest and prettiest Valentine crafts for kids.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - How to Make a Linking Hearts Valentine Chain
Make this fun linking hearts paper chain Valentine craft with kids; it's so easy--all you need is some colored paper and a cookie cutter and scissors!

Hot Toys for Kids 2013
The list of hot toys for kids 2013 includes a mix of electronics, board games, and an innovative engineering toy for girls.

7 Cures for Kids' Post-Holiday Letdown
How to prevent holiday letdown in kids when the celebrations end and they return to their normal routines.

Halloween Crafts - Paper Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Halloween Wreath
Learn how to make this colorful, cute, and festive paper jack o'lantern pumpkin Halloween wreath with kids. They make awesome DIY Halloween decorations and are fun to create!

Cookie Decorating Party for Kids
A cookie decorating party for kids is the perfect idea for a kids' birthday party or a holiday celebration. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, or a birthday, kids will love creating beautiful cookies!

Is Your Child Ready for a Sleepover? How to Prepare Kids for a Night Away
Now that your child is a big kid, he may want to go to a sleepover at a friend's house. Here's how to tell if he's ready and how you can help him prepare for a night away from home.

DIY Kids' Birthday Party Decorations - How to Make a Paper Starburst
You will love making these easy but beautiful DIY paper starburst kids' birthday party decorations with your kids as you prepare for a party at home.

Fun Ideas for a Sleepover Party for Kids
Try one of these fun ideas for sleepover parties the next time your child wants to host a slumber party for her birthday.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Sleepover Party
Find out what tips you need to host a fun and successful sleepover party for kids.

Vellum Birds Garland
Make this easy and beautiful light-catching vellum bird garland for your next party or celebration.

Crafts Party for Kids
Here’s an awesome idea for a kids’ party, whether it’s a birthday celebration or a holiday get-together: making arts and crafts! Learn how to set up a crafts party for kids.

Museum Scavenger Hunt – A Great Birthday Party Idea for Kids
A museum scavenger hunt is a great birthday party idea for kids. Here are some tips on how to set it up and what to prepare for.

Washi Tape Cake Flags
These pretty washi tape cake flags are easy and fun to make with kids. And they dress up any cake for any special occasion!

Washi Tape Easter Cards
Make this adorable handmade Easter card with kids using Japanese washi tape.

Washi Tape Butterflies
These beautiful butterflies were created using washi tape, a Japanese decorative masking tape that's loads of fun to use to make gorgeous and fun crafts.

Washi Tape Bunny Easter Cards
Make this adorable bunny Easter cards with washi tape. Your kids will especially love making the mini bunting for the inside of the card!

Easy Easter Garland
This Easter garland is super easy and fun to make with kids. All you need is colorful paper, a cookie cutter or paper punch, and ribbon. You'll love this fun Easter craft for kids!

St. Patrick's Day Crafts
These pretty St. Patrick's Day cards are made with washi tape, which is decorative Japanese masking tape that's growing popular in the U.S.

Washi Tape St Patricks Day Cards
Here is a cute and fun St. Patrick's Day card to make with kids using washi tape.

Easter Egg Ornaments with Streamers
These beautiful Easter egg ornaments are a breeze to make, and make the house festive and fun for Easter. Make several to display all around--your kids will be so proud of their work!

Saint Patricks Day Crafts - Shamrock Decorations
These pretty shamrock streamers are easy to make and can be hung anywhere to add some St. Patrick's Day spirit.

St Patricks Day Crafts - Shamrock Garland
You and your kids will love making this super-easy and fun St Patricks Day crafts for kids.

St Patricks Day Crafts - Table Place Cards
Here's a cute idea for a Saint Patrick's Day craft top hat place card that's fun and easy to make with kids.

Easter Crafts - Mini Easter Baskets
The mini Easter baskets are fun to make, cute, and very useful or brightening up a table and holding yummy treats or fun toys.

Easter Crafts - Place Card Ideas
These place card ideas are the perfect craft to make with kids for the Easter table or for any other party or celebration.

Spring Crafts - Fabric Necklace
Make these adorable and super-easy fabric ribbon and flower necklaces; they are the perfect spring crafts for kids!

Easter Crafts
Here are some great ideas for fun and easy Easter crafts to make with kids.

Easter Crafts - How to Make Gift Bags for Kids
This easy and cute gift bag is the perfect Easter craft or spring craft for kids, and can be used to give out treats and toys at your next Easter party, birthday party, or any other celebration.

Spring Crafts for Kids - Tulip Flower Easter Wreath
This gorgeous and easy Easter wreath is lots of fun to make with kids!

Easter Crafts - Easter Garland
Here is a fun and easy idea for a great Easter craft - a festive Easter Garland that's a cinch to make.

Spring Craft for Kids - Flower Wreath
This gorgeous and easy flower wreath is the perfect craft for kids for Easter, springtime, or any other occasion.

How to Make a Paper Flower Bouquet
Here is an idea for an easy and fun paper flower craft for kids.

Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids
Searching for fun and easy Valentine crafts for kids? You and your grade-schooler can create great Valentine's Day gifts and cards with these Valentine crafts ideas for kids.

How to Make Paper Flowers
Use brightly-colored crepe paper to make paper flowers with kids that are lovely and easy to make--the perfect craft for kids.

Valentine Games for Kids' Valentine's Day Parties
Need some Valentine party game ideas for a party at school or at home? Here are some great ideas for fun Valentine party games for grade-schoolers.

Vellum Heart Valentine Garland - A Fun and Easy Valentine Craft for Kids
This fun and easy vellum paper heart Valentine garland is a perfect Valentine craft for kids.

Handmade Vellum Flower Valentine Card
These easy and elegant vellum paper Valentine Day cards are perfect for kids and parents to do together.

butterfly homemade valentine card
Here is an idea for a fun, cute, and easy homemade butterfly Valentine card your child will love making and sharing.

Quilled Homemade Valentine Cards
Using quilled paper is a fun and beautiful way to create homemade Valentine cards for kids.

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers - A Beautiful and Easy Craft for Kids
Here is an easy and beautiful craft that's perfect for school-age children: tissue paper flowers.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Heart Wreath
Here is an idea for a fun and easy craft that's perfect for kids--a paper heart Valentine wreath.

Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids
This great Christmas wreath craft for kids is as easy as it is beautiful.

How to Make a Poinsettia Wreath with Kids
Here are easy, step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful poinsettia wreath with kids.

How to Make a Poinsettia
This fun and easy yet elegant flower is a great Christmas craft for kids

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Halloween
Keeping kids safe on Halloween night while they go trick-or-treating is easy with these tips.

What to Do When a Child is Scared of Halloween
Halloween may be a frighteningly-good time for lots of kids. But if your child is scared of Halloween, try these ideas to make the holiday more fun and less spooky for her.

Kids’ Halloween Costume Safety Tips
Halloween is all about fun, but when it comes to choosing kids' Halloween costumes, it's a good idea to keep some safety tips in mind.

Great Board Games for Kids
Board games are a great way to spend time together as a family while having fun. With these fun games, kids can develop cognitive skills, learn how to develop strategies, and sharpen social skills such as how to be a good sport during a game.

The Truth About Santa and the Tooth Fairy
When and how should you tell your child the truth about Santa? Here is a guideline to help parents navigate this poignant parenting milestone.

How Did You Break the News About Santa (or the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny)?
Readers' stories about how they broke the news about Santa (and the Eater Bunny and the Tooth Fairy).

Halloween Safety
When having fun with the kids on Halloween, don't forget to keep some key Halloween safety tips in mind to keep everyone safe and healthy while trick-or-treating, decorating, eating yummy snacks, and generally having a spooky-good time.

What Fun Indoor Games Do You Play with Your Kids?
Ideas for fun indoor games to play with kids when the weather is frightful outside.

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool and Have Fun with Your Kids on a Hot Day
Ideas for how to stay cool and have fun with the kids during a heat wave. Try these ideas great activities and games the next time it's sweltering outside.

Post Slumber-Party Tips
Hosting a sleepover party for kids? Try these tips on how to make the morning after a slumber party stress-free and easy.

Fun Sleepover Party Idea: Camp Out Slumber Party
Kids love the idea of camping out, and a camp-out slumber party--whether held in the backyard or in the living room--can be a big hit with kids.

Christmas Crafts for Kids
One of the best ways to spend time with the kids during the holidays is by making some beautiful crafts together. Here are some ideas for great Christmas crafts to make with your child.

A Fun Collage Birthday Invitation to Make at Home
Making your own birthday party invitation for your child's next birthday party is not only a great way for kids to exercise some creativity, it can be a money-saver as well.

Kids' Valentine Crafts -- A Simple, Beautiful Valentines Day Card
One of the most fun Valentine's Day Crafts can be making Valentine's Day cards to share with friends and family. Your kids will love making this simple and beautiful Valentine's Day Card. It's easy, fast, and can be made using old wrapping paper and magazines. Perfect for today's busy, eco-conscious family!

Free Christmas Coloring Pages
Try these free Christmas coloring pages to keep kids occupied and get them into the holiday spirit during the holiday season.

Kids' Valentine Crafts - Fast and Easy Valentine Heart Paper Garland
This fast and easy paper heart garland is perfect for festive Valentine decorations. The best part: You can use leftover wrapping paper -- such as pretty designs leftover from the holidays -- to save money and reduce waste!

Free Coloring Pages for Kids
These great sites offer free coloring pages for kids that range from simple letters and shapes for younger grade-schoolers to complicated famous works of art for older children.

Winter Coloring Pages
When it’s blustery and cold outside, winter coloring pages can be the perfect fun activity for kids. What better way to get cozy and warm than to get creative with some pictures depicting scenes of winter? So make some hot cocoa and get the kids to settle down to work on some winter coloring pages. It can be a great way for kids to entertain...

Great Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Everyone
One of the best ways to find great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for the people on your list is by knowing who they are. What are the things they are interested in? What are their lifestyles and passions? For instance, if you have a nature-lover in your family, a good UV-protecting sun hat might make the perfect gift. If you know someone...

Stocking Stuffer Ideas -- Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids
Here are some great ideas for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for kids that are not expensive but loads of fun!

Weird and Wacky Holiday Gifts
If you received one of these unusual Christmas gifts, would you laugh...or perhaps cry? Going on the assumption that one person's ghastly gift is another person's treasure, here are some examples of weird, wacky and unusual Christmas gifts gone awry.

A Great Gift for Holidays or Any Time: A Photo Album Book
One of the best gifts you can make for a grandparent or parent is a photo album book, filled with photos of family and kids enjoying everyday moments and special occasions such as vacations or holidays. There are several great sites you can choose from when creating a photo album book. The best ones are easy to use, not too expensive, and...

Great Toys and Holiday Gifts for Kids

Looking for some unique and fun ideas for holiday gifts for kids? These great gift ideas are sure to be a hit with your kids, and anyone else who loves toys and games!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
Your comprehensive gift guide for family, friends, and everyone else on your list

Halloween Invitations to Make or Print
Whether you're planning a big party or a small gathering this Halloween, here are some great options for Halloween party invitations you can print or make at home. DIY Halloween invitations are not only fun to create, but easier on your family budget, too!

Quick and Easy Spooky Halloween Cupcakes
Need to make a batch of Halloween cupcakes for a Halloween party at school or at home? Check out this quick and easy idea for spooky cupcakes you can make your your child.

Spook-tacular Treats - Fun Halloween Recipes for Kids

Looking for some yummy and ghoulishly fun recipes for Halloween treats for kids? Try these delicious spooky Halloween recipes for kids to snack on before and after trick-or-treating or to gobble up at a fun Halloween party.

Best and Worst Halloween Costumes for Kids
What were some of your favorite Halloween costumes for kids? Which ones ended up being not worth the money? Where did you buy it? Share your...

Fun Beach Games for Kids
The next time you're headed to the beach, try these fun beach games for kids. Kids can have lots of fun at the beach just splashing in the waves or digging holes in the sand or burying dad or mom, but these games can be perfect for when the kids are looking for something else to do. They're loads of fun for parents, too!?

Outdoor Party Games
The next time you have a party, try these fun outdoor party games ideas and take the fun outside! Whether your party is in your backyard or a local park, these timeless and fun outdoor party games will be a hit with kids. Everyone will have a great time running around and enjoying the fresh air as they compete, get silly, and just have a ball.

Outdoor Party Games - Dress Up Relay Race
Kids love getting competitive and relay races such as this one are a great outdoor party game idea. This fun game can be easily tailored to a party by having kids dress up in clothes and accessories that fit the theme, such as pirate, sports, or princess outfits.

Outdoor Party Game - Balloon Stomp
Set up a good game of balloon stomp and you'll have one of those active and fun outdoor party games that will be a big hit with kids.

Outdoor Party Games - Water Balloon Toss
What better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than with an outdoor party game that gets kids soaked with water balloons?

Backyard Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt outdoor party game will get kids natural competitive instincts flowing. Best of all, it gets kids thinking about nature and uses only natural resources, which makes it a great "green" outdoor party games idea.

Outdoor Party Games - Steal the Bacon
This great outdoor party game encourages great skills in kids such as listening as well as exercising their minds and honing their reflexes.

Spring Crafts
Theres something about springtime that inspires one to create fun and colorful creations out of spring crafts ideas. (Maybe its all that renewal and rebirth going on around us that stokes the creative soul.) Whether youre enjoying some downtime during spring vacation or are looking for fun spring crafts to do with your kids on a weekend,...

Great Outdoor Games for Kids
As the weather warms up and kids start heading outside to play, these classic, fun games to play outdoors can provide kids with hours of entertainment.

Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids
One of the most fun childhood activities is decorating Easter eggs. Kids just love using their imaginations -- and all those pretty colors! -- to create fun, beautiful Easter eggs they can show off. Here is a step-by-step look at how to decorate Easter eggs with your kids.

Easter Games
If you're looking for ideas for Easter games for your next Easter party or gathering, you'll love this comprehensive list of Easter games. There's something here for everyone, from rollicking Easter egg hunts and relay races to Easter jigsaw puzzles and word scrambles.

10 Fun Kid Favorites to Put in an Easter Basket
Your child will love receiving any of these kid-favorite toys and trinkets in her Easter basket.

Spring Break Activities
Spring vacation is a great time for families to recharge, get ready for the home stretch of the school year, and have some fun with spring break activities. Whether youre planning to take it easy at home during spring break or take a fun family trip, here are some great ideas for spring break activities to do with your kids.

Best Tips for an Easy and Fun Family Picnic
Having a fun family picnic can be one of the best ways to spend a quiet afternoon together. The next time you have some great weather, gather up your family and some picnic food and gear and head outdoors for a fun family picnic.

Decorating Easter Eggs
Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most fun things about Easter. You and your grade-schooler can use your imaginations and create beautiful and fun Easter eggs with these great tips and ideas for decorating Easter eggs. Have fun!

How to Make Pop-Up Valentine's Cards
These adorable Valentine's Day cards are as fun to make as they are fun to share. You and your grade-schooler can create these pop-up cards for family, friends, classmates -- anyone on your Valentine's Day list!

Birthday Party Invitations
Here are some fun and festive ideas for birthday party invitations you can make at home with your child. Creating your own invitations is easy and fun, and you can create just the design you're looking for. Best of all, it's a great way to save money!

Birthday Party Invitations
Here are some fun and festive ideas for birthday party invitations you can make at home with your child. Creating your own invitations is easy and fun, and you can create just the design you're looking for. Best of all, it's a great way to save money!

Valentine Box Ideas
Try these great Valentine box ideas to make Valentine boxes with your child. Valentine boxes can be used to hold favors, Valentine's notes, small Valentine's gifts and more.

Valentine Treats for Kids
Try these yummy recipes for Valentine treats for kids, whether for a school party or a celebration at home. The best part: You and your child can make many of these easy, delicious recipes together.

Valentine Ecards
Check out these sites to help your child find the perfect Valentine ecard to send to friends and family.

Valentine Cards to Print
Check out these resources to find the perfect Valentine cards to print and share with people you love. You and your grade-schooler will have a great time selecting just the right Valentine cards to print for everyone on your list!

Kids' Valentine Party Ideas
If you’re looking for kids Valentine party ideas, check out these great kids Valentine party suggestions for celebrations at home and at school. You'll find ideas for everything from fun Valentine games for kids, yummy Valentine treats for kids, Valentine crafts for kids, and more.

Christmas Party Games for Kids
Whether you're hosting a Christmas party for kids at home or at school or at church, some great Christmas party games for kids will be an important factor in having a successful party. Here are some great ideas for Christmas party games for kids.

Christmas Activities and Fun for Kids
The holidays are an excellent opportunity for kids to enjoy fun Christmas activities. Here are some great ideas for Christmas activities that can inspire kids' creativity, challenge them to think, and most of all, let them have fun!

How to Plan a Kids’ Christmas Party
Whether you’re hosting a kids Christmas party at home or helping to plan a kids Christmas party at school or church, here are some great ideas for Christmas party games, Christmas treats and snacks, Christmas activities, and more.

Tips for Halloween Safety for Decorations, Costumes, and More
Halloween is a time to have fun, but remembering safety is important, too. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind while having fun this Halloween.

Christmas Party Invitations and Christmas Greeting Cards
Christmas party invitations and Christmas greeting cards can be particularly special when they are personally created by kids. Here are some ideas for Christmas party invitations and Christmas greeting card designs you can use to inspire your own family's artistic creations.

8 Fun Winter Activities for Families
When the weather gets frosty and cold, there are lots fun winter activities your family can do together, indoors and out. Here are some great ideas for winter activities that's put a warm smile in your family's heart.

Christmas Treats and Snacks for Kids
For many families, Christmas treats and snacks are an important part of celebrating the holidays. Here are some great ideas for Christmas treats and snacks for everyone in your family.

Best Educational Kids' Games for School Age Children
Looking for ideas for educational kids games for your grade-schooler? School age is a perfect time to introduce kids to educational games and puzzles that are challenging and fun.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
Great photos of homemade Halloween costumes that will inspire you to create your own!

Great Family Travel Games for Kids
Playing great travel games for kids can be an excellent way for your family to have fun and pass the time while you're on the road. Here are some terrific ideas for travel games for kids to try on your next trip.

Great Family Travel Games for Kids
Playing great travel games for kids can be an excellent way for your family to have fun and pass the time while you're on the road. Here are some terrific ideas for travel games for kids to try on your next trip.

Great Halloween Costumes for Kids
Finding great kids Halloween costumes can be fun and easy if you know what's popular this Halloween. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Kids Birthday Cakes - Ideas for Kids Birthday Cakes
Do you have any great ideas for kids birthday cakes? Share them with us! Whether your creations are elaborate or simply fun, tell us how you created great birthday cakes for your child.

Family Life
Family life and family relationships need extra care in today's fast-paced world. Here is the ultimate helpful information on birthday parties, organizing and chores, family relationships, how to carve out couple time and time for yourself, and more on family life.

Halloween Fun!
Need great ideas for how to make your next Halloween fun fest better than ever? From Halloween costumes to Halloween treats and decorations, here are some creative and easy ways you can celebrate Halloween with your grade-schooler.

Kids' Birthday Cakes!
Looking for birthday cake ideas for your child's next birthday? Check out these inspiring kids' birthday cakes and recipes to help inspire you to create your next kids' birthday cake.

Taking Control of Halloween Candy and Halloween Treats
Worried that your kids will wanna stuff themselves with candy this Halloween? With a few simple strategies, you can teach your child to put Halloween treats in perspective and show them that Halloween fun doesn't always have to mean eating tons of sweets.

Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Looking for ideas for a kids' birthday bash? These awesome birthday party ideas for kids are popular, fun, and best of all, easy to put together. Many are budget-friendly and easy on your wallet, too!

Kids' Party Games - How to Host a Game-Themed Party for Kids
The key to hosting a fun kids' party, whether it's for a birthday or another special occasion, is to set up some fun kids' party games. Here are some ideas for great party games that include classic board games, fun outdoor games, and apps and videogames.

Creative and Fun Indoor Kids Games
When you and your kids are cooped up at home on a rainy or blustery cold day, try these fun, creative indoor kids games and indoor activities with your kids.

Field Day Birthday Party
Here's a great idea for a birthday party that doesn't require much more than some outdoor space, a few objects for an obstacle course, and a little creative planning. Your grade-schooler and his friends are sure to love it!

Birthday Parties on a Budget
Hosting a fun birthday party for your child does not have to mean shelling out big bucks to buy food, book a space or hire entertainment. Here are some great ideas for organizing a great party on a budget.

Easter Egg Fun
When you're a grade-schooler, one of the best things about Easter -- besides days off from school -- is decorating eggs. Here are some great ideas for making fun Easter eggs for the whole family.

Show Off Your Halloween Pumpkins
Do you have pictures of your Halloween pumpkins? If your family loves to create Halloween pumpkin carvings, show off your jack-o'-lantern photos here.

Show Off Your Kids' Halloween Costumes!
Do you have photos of your child in his or her Halloween costume? Whether your child's Halloween costume was spooky-scary or absolutely adorable, or homemade or store-bought, we'd love to have you share them here!See submissions

The Top Worst Gifts for Teachers
They say it's the thought that counts for gifts and it's just as important to give some thought to what would be the worst gift for a teacher. Though teachers are appreciative of their student's gifts, there are some that are worse than others.

10 Gifts Teachers Really Want for the Holidays - Great Gifts for Teachers...

It’s hard to come up with just the right holiday gift for your child’s teacher. This year try to avoid the apple-themed knick-knacks or #1 Teacher t-shirts and give one of the gifts teachers really want for the holidays!

Why Does My Child Have to Give Valentine's Day Cards to Everyone?
If you're like many parents, you're groaning and wondering why your child has to give Valentine's Day cards to everyone in the class. Here's the answer to that question and five more common questions about Valentine's Day at school.

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