1. Parenting

Family Issues

Information on serious family issues of child abuse, divorce, family crises, and substance abuse.
Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren and Kinship Care Support
When grandparents take on the role of parent for their grandchildren, there are special issues that can make it tough for them and the kids. Whatever the family connection, kinship care involves careful consideration and support for the emotional and practical issues kinship caregivers face.
Top 5 Research Reports on Children and Families - 2005 - The Good News and the Bad News
Research findings reported in 2005 give a mixed picture for children and families in the United States. Take a quick look at the good news and the bad in this round-up of research on children and families for 2005.
Annie E. Casey Foundation
The primary foundation for research and resources on issues of disadvantaged children and families.
Child Trends
Research and statistics on issues of child well-being in the U.S.
Child Welfare League of America
Advocacy and resources for improving the lives of America's children.
Children Now
Advocacy on issues that concern all parents with a special focus on media and children.
Children's Defense Fund
Research and advocacy for at-risk children and families in the U.S.
Connect for Kids
Information and resources on issues and policies related to children and families.
Family Re-Union
Join a national conversation about the American family and the role of public policy. Web site for the annual conference hosted by Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore.
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