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Elementary Science

Information and resources on elementary science.
Rader's Chem4Kids.com
Learn elementary principles of chemistry.
Easy Science Experiment Projects with Steve Spangler Science
These really are easy. Pull one out to have fun while learning science facts quickly at home.
Kids have fun learning about all of the 'ologies at this truly educational site from the American Museum of Natural History.
101 Things to Do for Space Day
Although Space Day was May 22, your child can still visit this site for one of the best interactive space learning experiences on the Web (and there are lots of them out there).
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
Chemistry, Electricity, Food, Earth Science and more projects that are sure to interest kids.
Click on a science or nature topic to see a movie, find activity sheets, do an experiment, and more.
See bugs under a scanning electron microscope. Very cool.
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Excellent science games site from Howad Hughes Medical Institute.
Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
I never knew bugs could be so beautiful. Your entire family will enjoy this site. Be sure to let your child try the zoom-in feature.
Douglas Henderson's Earth History Illustrations
See some cool pictures of how things might have been.
The fun science magazine for kids is online with lots of learning activities that teach as they entertain.
Earth and Sky Homepage
Companion site to the radio series. Listen to all their shows online, see today's sky chart, much more.
Entomology for Beginners
Click on the insect to learn the different body parts.
From Nova Online, survival science, strategies, and stories.
The Event Inventor
Very cool projects include quadrants and cross-staffs plus Starship Earth - A Field Trip in Time.
ExploraNet - The Exploratorium
One of the classic science Web sites. Fantastic!
Flights of Inspiration
Learn the science and history of flight, then design your own model aircraft.
Frogs @ The Exploratorium
The definitive frog site. I love how the graphics load quickly at The Exploratorium.
Helping Your Child Learn Science
A really helpful article with activities from the U.S. Department of Education.
How Stuff Works
Just fascinating, especially for those of us who haven't a clue how stuff works.
The Lab
Australian Broadcasting Corporation's gateway to online science
The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
Plain language questions and answers from New Scientist magazine.
Living Things
Online unit of study from The Franklin Institute.
New gateway for kids' at NASA.
National Center for Science Literacy, Education, and Technology
From the American Museum of Natural History, includes Web-based science learning and exploration.
National Geographic - Parents' Guide
National Geographic has a fantastic site for families, full of interesting, fun, and educational resources for kids and parents to enjoy. Start with the Parents Guide and explore for a while. You'll love it!
Web site to accompany the PBS series includes movies, puzzles, and learning.
Neuroscience for Kids
Kids learn about the brain and nervous system.  Lesson, games, learning activities.  For grades 3 - 12.  Fantastic!
Nova Online
Visit the indepth features to accompany the PBS Nova programs.
PBS Science
The gateway to all the fantastic resources PBS has for science education.
PBS Teacher Source Science & Technology
A special section at PBS Science devoted to K-12 Education.
Physics 2000
Learn basic concepts of physics at this fun site.
The Science Explorer
Online family science activities from The Exploratorium.
Science Fair
Science products and projects.
Science Fair Central at DiscoverySchool.com
Great starting point for your child's first Science Fair Project.
Science for Families
Science projects, games, and learning for families.
Science Learning Network
Extensive collaboration between the National Science Foundation, UNISYS Corporation, and science museums and schools across the U.S.   Dig around here to find their extensive resources.
A Science Odyssey
From PBS, a history of science in the 20th century.
Sport! Science@The Exploratorium
This will grab your child's interest and teach about science at the same time.
The Tree of Life
Learn about Biology for grades 5 and up from the University of Arizona.
Virtual Solar System at NationalGeographic.com
Multimedia exploration of the solar system.
YES Mag - Canada's Science Magazine for Kids
This is great! Science news and features for kids, how things work, at-home projects, brain bumpers, and real kids in science. Perfect for the elementary-age child, challenging, informative, and fun.
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