1. Parenting

Discipline Tips for Parents

Child discipline tips and strategies for improving parent-child relationships.
How to Give Effective Consequences for Misbehavior
The purpose of discipline is to teach self-control and self-discipline. Using effective consequences can break the cycle of non-compliance by your child.
How to Give Effective Instructions to Your Child
Following these steps to gain compliance from your child will prevent frustration, anger and resentment between parent and child.
Quick Strategies for Improving Child Discipline
Quick tips for parents to change an ineffective discipline pattern.
Give Effective Instructions to Your Child
The first intervention point in effective child discipline is in giving your child instructions. Effective directing of the child's behavior from a young age will assure that conflict and frustration will be minimized.
Gain Compliance with Effective Consequences
What if your child doesn't do what you tell him? This is a critical point, and how you handle it can make or break your discipline effectiveness early on.
20 Alternatives to Punishment
Find inspiration and ideas here by Dr. Aletha Solter of the Aware Parenting Institute.
Kindness Begins at Home, by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Learn confrontation with love and forgiveness.
The No Spanking Page
Just about everything you could want to find on the subjects of spanking and discipline.
Parenting on the Go
Brief but effective strategies for discipline difficulties from Larry Tobin.
Positive Discipline
Very helpful features on discipline dilemmas such as how to avoid power struggles.
Privileges For Points System
A behavior chart submitted by a reader at The FUN Place. Use it as a guide to make your own.
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