1. Parenting

Parenting Issues

Creative parenting tips and strategies for effective discipline. How to cope with behavior problems and issues faced by parents.
The Four Components of Effective Child Discipline
Start with this foundation for effective child discipline.
Attachment Parenting of Older Children
How to carry the principles of attachment parenting into the school-age years.
Four Ways to Build Character in Children
The qualities of character develop through an interplay of family, school, church, and community influences and the child's individual temperament, experiences, and choices. What can parents do to encourage their child's development of the qualities of good character?
When Parents Disagree about Discipline - Parenting Style Differences
Conflict between authoritarian and indulgent parents will not subside without effort from both parents. It's not so much about compromise as it is about learning from each other. Belief systems about parenting can remain intact while both parents learn new skills. The payoff is a more harmonious family life and a child who learns self-control and a strong sense of self in his environment.
When Parents Disagree about Discipline - Family History Differences
Because our experience of family life in childhood forms our beliefs about what children and parents should or shouldn't do, the potential is high for clashing beliefs to lead to parenting disagreements. Learn how to resolve discipline disagreements rooted in family history differences.
How To's on Disciplining Children
Step-by-step how to's for effective child discipline from your guide to parenting of k-6 children.
How to Get Your Child to Do What You Ask - The First Time
How to get your child to do what you ask - the first time.
The Big List of Consequences
The purpose of a consequence for misbehavior is for the child to look at the result of their behavior and learn from it. The Big List of Consequences will give you some ideas for consequences for your child.
Q&A - When Time Out Doesn't Work
Time-out is one tool in your arsenal of strategies for managing noncompliant behavior. When it's not effective with your defiant child, step back and look at the entire behavior management plan.
Parenting Traps
Learn the common traps of parenting and how to find balance to avoid parenting traps and to escape them.
Parenting Traps - The Boundary Trap
How to maintain healthy boundaries in parent-child relationships.
Parenting Traps - The Indulgence Trap
How to avoid the problems related to overindulging your child.
Parenting Traps - The Sympathy Trap
How to help your child develop emotionally by avoiding the sympathy trap.
Parenting Expert Profile - Thomas Gordon, Ph.D.
Parenting Experts Profile Series - Dr. Thomas Gordon
Discipline and the Single Parent
Information and resources on child discipline for the single parent.
Family Education Network: Discipline
Explore discipline topics for parents of elementary and younger children.
The Natural Child Project
About discipline with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion.
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