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Top 10 Games for Younger Elementary Kids


Lots of award winners in this group. Build family bonds and language skills with these games for kids and families.

1. I Spy In Common

This year's I Spy game is definitely a winner. Add it to your collection along with I Spy Bingo!
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2. Pretty Pretty Princess

Not an educational game, just pure fun for 4-7 year old girls.
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3. Cranium Hullabaloo

An active game for young kids. Especially good for groups.
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4. Scooby-Doo Clue

An all-time favorite board game in Scooby-Doo version. Perfect.

5. Apples to Apples Jr.

Players compete to make the best match of the noun cards in their hands with the gamekeeper's adjective card. Fun way to build language skills.
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6. Blink

Fast-paced card game that is similar to War and Go Fish, two classic kid favorites.
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7. Tri-Virsity

Players get rid of their cards by making 3-4 letter words in this inexpensive card game. Good stocking stuffer.

8. Shrek Operation

The classic Operation game gets even more giggles in this Shrek version.
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9. Zingo

A fun variation on everyone's favorite Bingo, two-sided cards make it flexible enough for multi-age play.
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10. Racko

An inexpensive and classic game of number ordering. Addictive and fun for all ages.
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