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Family Fun Nights

Movie Night


Family movie nights are just a bit more structured than simply renting a movie and letting the kids watch it. Remember, the point of a family fun night is to make it a simple, but special event that involves all the family.

Set a movie start time and take care of all chores before you settle in for the movie. Movies are an escape, and you can't escape when you're so close to all those household tasks that need to be done. A darkened room and plenty of comfy seating are the prerequisites to family movie night. The nice thing about watching movies at home is that you are in control. Schedule an intermission for bathroom and snack break. Or, make it a double feature with the second showing after the youngest have gone to bed.

There's nothing easier than grabbing a DVD at the local movie store. At least, that's what I thought until we tried NetFlix. With NetFlix you pay a flat monthly fee and receive DVD's by mail. When you finish one, send it back and they will mail you the next one on your list. It's fun to check your mail and find the new movies you have for the weekend. If you live in a location with a convenient Blockbuster and have kids who enjoy video games, Blockbuster's identical program also includes a free in-store video game rental each month. You can also exchange your movies at your local store.

If you've ever stood in a video store and wondered whether a title would be enjoyable and appropriate for family viewing, you will find that with just a few quick clicks on your computer you can have all the info you need to make great movie choices. Online reviews and content details will help you evaluate a movie before you rent or buy, plus you'll get ideas for good movies to try. I've been pleased with the movie recommendations based on my rentals at NetFlix; and, I always find some great ideas for movies I wanted to see but didn't.

Family Movie Night Food Ideas

Classic movie snacks and food are perfect choices for your at-home movie night; and, they are certainly much cheaper at home! As in all family fun nights, supper should be light and easy to prepare so that you can get right to the fun. Take-out is always an option, but we're trying to increase the number of at-home meals at our house. I've found a few favorite online spots with recipe ideas for quick and healthy meals.

Movie Night Snacks

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