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How to Make Double Braid Rainbow Loom Bracelets, Part 1


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How to Make Double Braid Rainbow Loom Bracelets, Part 1

Beautiful double braid Rainbow Loom bracelets

Katherine Lee

This intricate-looking rubber band bracelet is actually fairly easy to make. The most challenging part is to make sure you get both rubber bands on and off the pins when you are hooking and unhooking.

(Note: Younger children will be able to get the double rubber bands on the pins in the first part of this bracelet pattern, but may need help with the hooking and unhooking in the second part, after the rubber bands are all placed. Older kids and adults may also want to use both hands to move the rubber bands around from pin to pin since double bands are stronger and harder to manipulate than single rubber bands.)

You can also watch this video of how to make a double braid Rainbow Loom bracelet, created by Ally. She does a very good job of explaining how to make this beautiful bracelet.



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