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The 5 Types of Science Fair Projects
1. Investigatory or Investigative Projects: An investigative science fair project is the most common type. It involves using the scientific method to create a ...
Science Fair Projects Ideas for High and Middle School - Teens
Science fair projects and ideas for middle and high school students. Use these to research your science fair project.
My Science Fair Project - Chemistry - About.com
Did you do a science fair project? Readers share their science fair projects, tell what they did and explain what they learned. Read about these projects to get ...
Science Fair Projects - Project Ideas Demonstrations and Instructions
Make this your one-stop center for all of your science fair project needs. You'll find step-by-step instructions for designing and performing an experiment or ...
Science Fair Project Types and Ideas - Teens - About.com
Explanation of the five types of science fair projects as a resource for parents of teens who need science fair project ideas and information.
Cool Science Fair Project Ideas List - Chemistry - About.com
Jun 18, 2014 ... Some science fair projects are just more cool than others. Here's a look at some cool science fair project ideas as well as a collection of ...
Science Fair Project Quiz - Science Tests and Quizzes - Chemistry
There are great science fair projects and ho-hum science fair projects. Which will yours be? Take this quiz to see if you know what makes a good project.
Science Fair Projects Help - Biology - About.com
Science fair projects are a great way to learn about science and biology. Performing scientific experiments can be an exciting way to discover the wonders of ...
High School Science Fair Project Ideas - Chemistry - About.com
High school science fair projects are expected to invent, solve a problem, model or otherwise innovate. It can be really hard to come up with a good science fair ...
Sample Science Fair Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Science fair projects from start to finish! Are you looking for a science fair project idea, complete with a hypothesis, materials list, procedure, and ideas for ...
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