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Crafts for Boys


The idea for this feature came from a reader looking for craft activities to do with the boys in her church's Vacation Bible School. If you find that you are needing an arts and crafts activity that boys will enjoy, you may be stumped also. But, hey, that's what this Internet thing is for - to get ideas and inspiration to make your family's life easier and more fun.

So, for my totally subjective opinion of some crafts that boys will enjoy, take a look below. I hope they stimulate your creativity and help make the next Cub Scout meeting, Sunday School, or rainy day, a little more fun as your boys learn the joys of creating and crafting.

Kids Club Projects at BobVila.com
Building projects include a magazine rack, barbecue caddy, bug house, bookends, paper towel holder, step stool, and CD tower.

Cub Scout Crafts by Barb Stephens
This page (now at Kids Domain) starts out with Christmas crafts but more general crafts are found down the page.

Craft Recipes
Recipes for slime, play-dough, and more. One of my most successful projects with a group of boys was salt maps. Find recipes for salt dough here.

Yes Mag's Science Projects
Great projects from a great kids' resource. Paper airplanes, a geodesic dome tent made from newspapers, toothpick bridge, lightening in a pan. Oh yeah, these are cool.

Projects for Craft Sticks and Woodsies
Boys like craft sticks, but what do you make with them? Get your ideas here.

Paper Mache' Crafts - Family Crafts
Boys like the tactile nature of this art work.

God's Eyes from The Caron Collection
My Mom does this project with her third graders every year. It's also perfect for Sunday School and Cub Scouts.

How to Draw Cartoons
My nephew (age 7) has decided to be a cartoonist. Your son might enjoy this too. Larry's Toon Institue

Building the Egret - A Cool Paper Airplane
Reprinted from Norman Schmidt's book at The Scoop.

Yucky Stuff
Actually these are computer crafts from Making Friends.

Print it, cut it, and put it together. I love this one.

Lava Lamp from Pitter Patter Craft Library
My son will like this one and he's 13 now!

Free Cut, Print and Fold Alien Village for Kids
Aliens, transporters, alien houses, robots, and spaceships - what more could you want for an afternoon of fun.

Solar System Mobile
Another nice print and cut project from Cathy's Picnic.

Shoebox Dioramas from the American Museum of Natural History
Based on the real dioramas at the museum - deserts, wetlands, and a forest.

The 'Real" Solar System
Use styrofoam balls and dowel rods from Hands On! Crafts for Kids.

As I was reading this list, I started to worry, "Am I being sexist here?" Maybe, though I hope not. Girls will enjoy these crafts too, I'm sure. It's just been my experience that boys do not "enjoy" arts and crafts as much as girls but certain projects do capture their attention and interest. I hope your boys enjoy them!

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