1. Parenting
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Parents' Volunteer and Financial Support for Schools

Ideas for Supporting Your Child's Achievement in School


Parent groups, whether affiliated with national advocacy groups such as PTA or networks such as PTO, or functioning as informal and independent school groups, give the time, energy, and finances to enrich all children’s education with the extra resources and opportunities every school needs to support a high level of achievement.

It’s hard for busy working parents to attend every meeting or participate in every committee or event sponsored by the parent group. Smart parent groups divide up the work so that no one is overwhelmed. If time for meetings is lacking in your life, go to the first and last meetings of the year at least, so that you will know what is planned. Choose an activity or event that works for you and do your part to support the goals of the group.

Parent groups give parents a voice in their local schools. They support schools in a variety of ways such as volunteer activities, Teacher Appreciation events, and fundraising for needed educational enhancements.

With a little help from the ‘Net parents can find lots of great ideas to make school fundraising fun and profitable:

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