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Ideas for Vacation Bible School


Lots of parents are busy helping with Vacation Bible Schools in their communities. It's a lot of work, but the rewards are great. I learned more about the Bible from my days as a VBS and children's Sunday School teacher than any other time in my life.

We always enjoyed games that combined Bible learning and fun competition. One year we had a Bible Baseball Tournament. I made simple question cards from the lessons, plus used some cards from the board game, The Book. The class was divided into two teams and each player got a turn at bat. Each child got 4 questions per bat. The bases were set up in the room and the kids moved around based on their hits. Answering the first (and hardest) question was a home run, second question a triple, third question a double, and the fourth and easiest question a single. It fit well and would be a fun recap on the last day of VBS.

The most successful VBS craft project I used was a good old-fashioned salt map. I had a group of very active fourth-grade boys that year, and they really seemed to enjoy making the map of the Holy Land all week.

To make your job a bit easier I've done a Web search for you and found some great ideas you can use at your Vacation Bible School.


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