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Physical Education for Elementary Kids


Your kids get PE class during the school day, but most parents realize that more physical education is needed for their kids' health and well being. Physical activity has many benefits for children in developing physical and mental health, but recent research suggests that it may even help your child learn better. A Michigan kindergarten demonstrates a successful model of integrating movement with learning. Perhaps we even enhance our child's brain development when we give them opportunities for physical movement learning.

Complex physical movements, such as dance and sports, must be consciously learned before they become automatic. Team and individual sports, as well as dance and martial arts programs, are available in most communities. Kinesthetic children acquire physical skills easily. If your child is weak in kinesthetic abilities, you may need to be creative to find physical activities he enjoys. Look for fun, noncompetitive activities, maybe aerobics, yoga, and similar fitness programs that you can do together. Active outdoor toys, swings, skates, and bicycles, enrich your child's physical learning. Get more great ideas from 20 Ways to Play on VerbNow.com, a site that is heavily promoted on kids' TV. Take a look in time for June 21, the Longest Day of Play.

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