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My Child Has a Problem- Stress and Trauma

Helpful Resources for Parents


How to Raise an Optimistic Child Stress Management Guide, Elizabeth Scott, M.S. gives tips for instilling optimism to combat stress in children.

Mental Health Recovery Self-Help Strategies Go to the Articles by Mary Ellen Copeland to learn powerful strategies to help you maintain your emotional wellness and recovery from emotional and physical disorders.

The Challenge of Difficult Children Elaine Gibson's site might just change your life as a parent.

ChildTraumaAcademy.com Free online courses to increase your understanding of the effect of childhood trauma and what you can do to intervene. Several excellent articles include:

Child Trauma Info for Parents Several articles cover the basics of recognizing the effects of child trauma plus treatment alternatives, from Ricky Greenwald's Child Trauma Pages.

Coping with Angry Children - After A Divorce by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D. and Dean Hughson at Self-Help Magazine Online.

Family Anger Several insightful articles from Ron Huxley's Parenting Toolbox. Understand the cycle of anger and abuse in families so that you can avoid it.

Grief A Normal and Natural Response to Loss This list may seem simple, but think about it in the context of your child's behavior. Has she experienced loss and could her behavior problems stem from grief?

Grief and Loss in Families from Ron Huxley's Parenting Toolbox. He explores grief and loss coping skills particularly for non-traditional families.

Life Esteem - Wellness Matters Newsletter - The Lost Art of Having Fun Why it is so important to your emotional well-being.

The Roots of Optimism Learn to think and teach your child to think more optimistically, from Ann Bilodeau at Self-Help Magazine Online.

Stress and Relationships Understand the dynamics and how to cope with stress in the family from the Arnot Ogden Medical Center

Stress Managment: Strategies for Families Great ideas from Joe Pergola at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service.

Trauma and PTSD Articles about psychological trauma, it's effect on developing children, and recovery.

Treatment for Abused and Neglected Children Infancy to Age 18 A comprehensive assessment and treatment model from the U.S. Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information.

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